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The Lucent Booth can fit about 8-10 people because we have no physical walls! Seriously…no one puts Baby (or The Lucent Booth) in a corner.



Our cameras record at ludicrous speeds so every shake, shimmy, and EPIC dance move is caught on camera and played back in SUPER slo-mo!



Each take is INSTANTLY replayed on a TV for everyone to enjoy! After the event, a highlight video is created for you to share!

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Where being a goofball is not only accepted…its encouraged.

How It Works

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Our pricing

The Lucent Booth starts @ $1250
and includes the following:

{ Up to 4 hrs of Booth Operation
Y 1-2 Booth Operators
S Highlight Video from the Event

Add-ons $

Online Hosting of all clips from the Event // $250

All clips are hosted online so that you and your guests can download individual clips!

Additional Booth Hours // $200 per hr

Parting is such sweet sorrow…so why not keep us at your party a little bit longer?


Our latest posts and rants

The Lucent Booth // Colleen and Zach from The Lucent Booth on Vimeo.

Colleen + Zack – Wedding Slomo Booth

When Colleen and Zack were in the midst of their wedding planning, one of Zack’s few stipulations was that they HAD to have a slomo video booth for the reception! And I’m glad they did, not only were they super excited, but so many guests AND vendors hopped in the booth that night! Check out some of the hilarious and fun antics from everyone at their wedding!


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